Windows 10 Basics

This Windows 10 BasicsĀ course covers essential Windows 10 features for every user. Whether you are a beginner or expert with the Windows 10 operating system you can benefit from learning a bit more about what Windows 10 is capable of. This series will cover everything ranging from basic start menu setup to tips and tricks with the Windows 10 workflow.

App Management

How To Install Free Microsoft Apps On Windows 10
2 Minutes 4 Seconds

The Windows 10 App store has actually come a long way since it's conception. Is it as good as the Apple App store? Of course not. How about the Google Play App store? Not even close. Ok, so it's not the best, but it's built into your operating system so you might as well take advantage of it when you can.

How To Add Apps To The Windows 10 Lock Screen
0 Minutes 38 Seconds

Very few people know that they can customize their Windows 10 lock screen. The lock screen is the screen you are greeted with when you restart your computer or come back to your computer after it has gone into standby.

How To Quickly Update Windows 10 Apps
1 Minute 26 Seconds

The Windows 10 approach to apps gave us a smaller version of the Tile App screen right within our start menu. It also gave us access to all those nifty Windows apps from the app store. If you're like me, you like notifications, and many apps such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter will give you those notifications right on your Windows 10 desktop.

How To Uninstall Or Remove Windows 10 Store Apps
3 Minutes 31 Seconds

Windows 10 comes jam packed with many Microsoft Store applications that you may (or may not) want to have. If you don't want an application then it is typically a good idea to uninstall them... but how is this done?


How To Create A User In Windows 10 Without An E-mail Address
1 Minute 28 Seconds

One of the more annoying features of the Windows 10 operating system is the requirement to input an e-mail address or phone number when creating a user account.

How To Connect Windows 10 User Profile To Microsoft Account
1 Minute 40 Seconds

If you're like me, you didn't connect your initial user profile on Windows 10 to a Microsoft account. Unfortunatey many of the features of the Windows 10 operating system are actually tied to this account.

How To Enable (Or Disable) The Taskbar Cortana Search Bar
1 Minute 5 Seconds

Cortana is a voice command system built into the Windows 10 operating system. For many of us, we have no interest in actually using Cortana voice search.

How To Change The Windows 10 Lock Screen Background Image
1 Minute 34 Seconds

The Windows 10 environment comes with a standard background for your lock screen. For those of you who do not know, the lock screen is the screen that appears when you either first login to your computer or optionally logout.

How To Change Your Windows 10 Desktop Wallpaper
1 Minute 30 Seconds

This video will show you how to change your Windows 10 desktop wallpaper. If you don't have one, don't worry, some are included by default and I also show you how to download one from Google.

How To Arrange, Size And Categorize Windows 10 Tile Shortcuts
2 Minutes 40 Seconds

Whether you love or hate them the Windows 10 start menu tile shortcuts are here to stay. These shortcuts can be rearranged, resized and categorized to your liking.

How To Pin (Or Unpin) Items To The Windows 10 Taskbar
1 Minute 1 Second

Pinning (and Unpinning) items to the taskbar is an essential skill every Windows 10 user will need to know. This is extremely easy to do and allows you to quickly access any program right from the taskbar rather than go hunting for it.

How To Turn On (Or Off) Tablet Mode In Windows 10
1 Minute 43 Seconds

Tablet mode is a feature built into all Windows 10 operating systems. This mode essentially gives you the full screen touch interface for using your operating system. For some people who have a touch screen monitor, it may make sense to run in Tablet mode for day to day use.

How To Multi-Task Like A Pro with Task View On Windows 10
2 Minutes 41 Seconds

Multi-tasking is one of the great features every operating system gives us. Windows 10 is rich with a new multi-tasking environment that lets you manage not only all of your running applications, but switch between running applications on different virtual desktops.


How To Make Windows 10 Internet Browsing Speed Faster
3 Minutes 4 Seconds

We all love fast internet and internet browsing, it's true. But let's face it, not all browsers are created equal. This video is going to show how you can quickly download a fast, free browser alternative to the native Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10

How To Check A Network IP Address In Windows
1 Minute 34 Seconds

Every computer connected to a network is given a unique identifier for the network it is on. For most people, this comes in the form of an IPv4 or an IPv6 network address. This address is extremely important when it comes to troubleshooting network issues.

How To Refresh A Windows 10 Network IP Address
1 Minute 19 Seconds

Resetting a network IP address in windows is extremely easy. In fact, this particular tip isn't restricted to the Windows 10 operating system, it can be done on all Windows operating systems dating back to Windows NT.

How To Reset The Windows 10 Network Socket Layer (Winsock)
1 Minute 25 Seconds

The Windows network socket layer has been around since Windows began utilizing networking. This socket layer can sometimes become corrupted by bad network drivers, viruses, malware or even a Windows Update.

How To Reinstall A Network Card Adapter On Windows 10
3 Minutes 11 Seconds

Network troubleshooting can be extremely frustrating to even the most veteran computer users. One great thing about Windows 10 is that it retains a copy of the network card driver even if you remove the network card.

Useful Tools

How To Run System File Checker In Windows 10
1 Minute 1 Second

In this video you will learn how to use the Windows 10 System File Checker. This tool is extremely useful if some part of your Windows 10 operating system accidentally becomes corrupted.

How To Capture Any Image On Your Screen In Windows 10
1 Minute 12 Seconds

Windows 10 has loads of features many people don't even know exist. This video will cover the Windows 10 snipping tool. This neat little tool is built into your Windows 10 operating system and will allow you to capture any image that is on your screen

How To Run And Configure Windows 10 Automatic Updates
3 Minutes 59 Seconds

Windows updates, they're notorious, and obnoxious... but necessary. It's extremely important to always make sure your computer has the latest Windows Updates installed. If you don't have them installed it will likely put your computer's security (as well as your own information) at risk.

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