Zello Walkie-Talkie and CB Radio App for Mobile and PC

Zello Walkie-Talkie and CB Radio App for Mobile and PC

Zello Walkie-Talkie and CB Radio App for Mobile and PCWhat is Zello?… it’s Social Radio or Voice Twitter. Launched in April 2012 Zello already has over 35 million user downloads worldwide. It’s a free PTT app that runs cross platform on Android, IPhone, Blackberry, and PC browsers. Zello PTT outperforms other similar walkie-talkie apps. It is real-time, high-quality voice transmission, not recorded voice messaging. There are no ads. In addition, Zello’s “channel” feature is unique to Zello.

No other mobile app has this capability. Simply put, channels perform like CB radio channels, but without any location or bandwidth restrictions. It allows hundreds of users (up to 300 currently) to participate in real-time, global discussions. Zello chats are free, as they run over wi-fi or your phone’s data plan. Zello uses less bandwidth than Skype. It’s lightweight and won’t drain your battery even while running in the background.

Zello channels are quickly becoming popular worldwide. To date, there are over 200,000 active channels, with over 2 million users online a day. Channel topics run the gamut… from family and social, to news, politics, law enforcement, gaming, weather and traffic, hobbies, and even dating channels. Anyone can create their own Zello channel in less than a minute – it’s like having your own radio station or CB channel. Kids and teens love Zello because it acts just like a walkie-talkie, and they can connect with friends faster than with texting. You can communicate emotions with voice much easier than with text.

Zello is practical and fun, yet secure and scalable enough for large business applications. In fact, thousands of businesses use Zello@Work, the paid Enterprise version of the app. Zello can be used with existing 2-way radios and rugged mobile devices. T-Mobile uses Zello@Work as its PTT offering for their customers, and Zello is quickly becoming the logical PTT replacement for Nextel.

So, take a look at Zello and check out all the cool features such as admin/mod controls, user flagging, parental controls, privacy/security settings, customizable alerts/themes, and a simple intuitive UI. Zello is made in Austin, TX, USA. Visit www.zello.com for more info and all the download links.

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