Squarespace: A Blogger’s Journey


Before you read another sentence in this article I promise you that I am not going to waste your time.  This is not a review of Squarespace. I assure you that there are tons and tons of places you can go if that’s what you’re looking for.  So you’re not going to be bothered with a breakdown of all the key features of Squarespace here.  Instead I am going to offer up my personal story and adventure that lead me from WordPress to Squarespace and then ended with me  going back with WordPress. It has been a long grueling process of trying out both services and as you read my story it is my hope that you will have a clear understanding of exactly why I switched back to WordPress from using Squarespace.

What is WordPress?

For those that don’t know what WordPress is.  WordPress started out years ago as a free website that was primarily used as a place for bloggers to build and manage their blogs.  Over the years WordPress has managed to become so much more.  It is now what is known as a CMS. This stands for Content Management System.  A CMS basically just manages your content on your website for you. You do not have to know any code at all with WordPress although you are able to use code if you’d like.  What that means basically is that anyone can use WordPress to build any type of website they can dream up. It is no longer just a blogging platform. Many big name websites such as CNN, and Forbes are built primarily using WordPress.  With years of experience under their belt WordPress is an ever growing and expanding giant that offers almost limitless possibilities in terms of design and features.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a much younger business that allows it’s users to create beautiful websites.  Users can choose from professionally designed templates for blogging, business, and portfolios.  Squarespace is much more closed off when it comes to tweaking and offering different content.  The entire idea behind Squarespace is that they give you everything you need right at your fingertips.  Just like WordPress there is no coding work to be done here.  That doesn’t mean that you can’ t use your coding skills if you know what you’re doing.  Squarespace has launched a complete developer platform that allows any web developer that knows code to virtually change and edit all aspects of their Squarespace site. Squarespace has not been around nearly as long as WordPress.  They are growing but seem to still be limited in terms of design and template choices as well as some other features that just are not there currently.

My Story:

I have been blogging for as long as I can remember.  I’ve had blogs everywhere from the early days of AOL, Friendster, and Xanga.  All of these places offered free blog platforms.  Then as I began my career as a graphic designer I found myself needing to have another website to showcase my graphic design portfolio.  I had my blog being hosted on Google’s Blogger platform.  Then I had built a small graphic design portfolio using Apple’s now non-existent iLife Application that was called iWeb.  Does anyone remember iWeb?

As things progressed with my graphic design website I found myself wanting to spread out across social media.  I found that having two separate websites was just daunting.  At least for me it was.  I wanted to have one website to manage that would be both my blog and my graphic design content all in one place.  So the big question became where to go to build this new site of mine.

I asked many questions and I took in a ton of information.  I am a member of Chris Pirillo’s Gnomies group that is a group of business minded people, technology enthusiast, and hobbyist all striving to grow and learn together.  I asked many members of this group their opinions on where to build my new site.  The answer I got most often was WordPress.

Once I got my hosting and domain name set up then I was off and running.

Then came Squarespace.  I found myself taking longer than expected with WordPress.  I kept putting up signs on my Facebook page that said, “Site Coming Soon”.  Yet, it just wasn’t coming together the way I wanted it to.  Not because it was difficult, I simply was running out of time and I also keep a very busy schedule that doesn’t always allow for free time.  I had heard about Squarespace and knew that it had been endorsed by many technology leaders that I listen to daily.  The gist of it was that Squarespace was the answer to all that I needed. So I paid another fee and got all of my stuff moved over to them.

As I began building my Squarespace site I found myself growing more and more frustrated with it.  The site was just not giving me the options that I wanted.  I’d write their customer service a question regarding a certain feature that I wanted and most times I’d basically get an answer that said the same thing every time. What the answer was wasn’t what I wanted to hear. The answers were almost always, “No, I’m sorry but we do not offer that.”

So naturally I decided to scrap that once again and go back to WordPress. I love knowing that my possibilities are endless. I love knowing that it’s based upon a very solid foundation and that many of the people that I respect in the technology and blogging industry use this service as well.

Squarespace is not a bad service if you’re looking for a quick portfolio site.  When it comes to blogging however it just simply does not compare yet to WordPress. They are off to a great start; but for now I’m keeping with WordPress, and I think you should too!

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