PCM Tech Talk Live! 11: Mastering Your Profession And One Hour Q & A

PCM Tech Talk Live 11 Master Your Profession and One Hour Q and A

Broadcas PCM Tech Talk Live 11 Master Your Profession and One Hour Q and Ating LIVE Monday – Thursday at 9:00 PM EST.
00:01:00 – Mastering Your Profession
00:10:45 – The Importance Of Joining A Mastermind Group Such As +Chris Pirillo’s +Gnomies
00:13:45 – Community Content Breakdown
00:15:15 – How To Reset A Windows NT, XP, Vista or 7 Password
00:18:00 – Do You Make Money From Your Website? If so, How?
00:21:00 – Did I Design My Own Website?
00:22:15 – Should I Worry About The Java Malware Scare?
00:25:30 – How To Run MS-DOS In Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8
00:28:25 – How To Troubleshoot A Constant High CPU Usage
00:29:45 – Troubleshooting Error Code 00000016 On A Hard Drive
00:32:15 – Virtual Machine “No Boot Media Found” Error Code
00:33:30 – What Tech College Should You Go To?
00:37:20 – Should You Pirate Software For A Computer Repair Business?
00:39:55 – Should You Enable Write Caching On An External Hard Drive?
00:41:45 – Why Is It Harder To Jailbreak An Android Phone Than iPhone?
00:42:50 – Who Is Your Favorite Web Host?
00:45:00 – What Is Your Favorite Command Prompt Command?
00:46:00 – The Best Software For Doing Written Computer Tutorials
00:47:00 – What Degree Did You Get?
00:48:15 – What Computer Viruses Have You Gotten Over The Years?
00:49:00 – Why Isn’t Java Working On Google Chrome Using My Mac?
00:50:30 – What Language Is Windows Programmed In?
00:51:15 – How Do I Fix Windows Lockup And Freezing Issues?
00:53:15 – Hard Drives (HDD) vs Solid State Drives (SSDs)
00:55:30 – Where Can I Learn To Build WordPress Websites?
00:57:00 – Question Roundup!

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