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Increase Windows 8 Internet Browsing Speed [HD] – Tip 2

How To Increase Windows 8 Internet Browsing Speed

How To Increase Windows 8 Internet Browsing Speed

Increase Windows 8 Internet Browsing Speed

When it comes to increasing internet or internet browsing speeds, inaccurate information floats everywhere on the internet. The truth is, there is very little we can do to increase our internet speed outside of improving our overall system performance, using an efficient web browser or simply dropping extra cash on higher bandwidth from our Internet Service Provider.

This video and article will walk you through maximizing your Windows 8 internet browser rendering speeds. Browser rendering speed is quite simply the speed in which your browser takes code and executes it for you to view. Many people are finally catching on to the amount of improvement users can receive by switching to excellent browser alternatives such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

It’s important the user realizes this tip will not increase the amount of bandwidth offered to them from their Internet Service Provider. Ultimately only a certain amount of bandwidth is purchased and allocated to each customer. The amount of bandwidth you actually receive will depend on a number of factors. I would strongly recommend you verify you are getting what you are paying for by using a free tool known as Speedtest.

You can verify you are getting the bandwidth and internet speed you are paying for by following the instructions on my article How To Quickly Test Your Internet ISP Download And Upload Speed. You can then cross reference this speed with the amount you are paying for through your ISP. If it’s significantly lower (remember, it fluctuates) then you should contact your ISP to have them resolve possible connectivity issues.


This article illustrates how to increase Windows 8 internet browsing speed using a free Internet Explorer alternative.

This video is part of the Faster 8 video and written tutorial series presented by The PCM Tech Help Show with Craig Chamberlin. Faster 8 is a series dedicated to the complete optimization of the Windows 8 operating system using freeware and open source software tools.

Increase Windows 8 Internet Browsing Speed [HD]:

1. Navigate to the Windows 8 Metro UI and open Internet Explorer.

1 - Select Internet Explorer From The Windows 8 Metro UI

2. Wait for Internet Explorer to load completely.

2 - Wait For Internet Explorer To Launch

3. To get to the Google Chrome download, visit http://www.pcmtechhelp.com or optionally get the Google Chrome Download directly.

3 - Enter The PCM Tech Help URL Into The Search Bar

4. Navigate to Free Downloads > Browsers & Plugins > Browsers > Google Chrome.

4 - Navigate To Free Downloads Browsers And Google Chrome

5. Click the link or image to visit the official Google Chrome download page.

5 - Click To Download Google Chrome Web Browser

6. Choose Download Chrome.

6 - Select The Download Google Chrome Button

7. Optionally opt in to submit anonymous usage statistics to Google, read the licensing agreement and optionally choose Accept and Install.

7 - Optionally Accept The Licensing Agreement And Continue

8. When prompted by Internet Explorer, choose Run to execute the Google Chrome installer.

8 - When Prompted Notify Internet Explorer To Run The Google Chrome Installer

9. When prompted by User Account Control, select Yes to give the Google Chrome installer permission to run.

9 - Accept The User Account Control Request For Google Chrome

10. Wait for Google Chrome to completely download.

10 - Wait For Google Chrome To Complete Downloading

11. Wait for Google Chrome to completely install.

11 - Wait for Google Chrome To Complete Installation

12. Windows 8 will notify you when the application is successfully installed.

12 - Windows 8 Will Notify You The Application Has Been Installed

13. When prompted with the Welcome to Chrome screen, select the Next button.

13 - Select Next To Bring Up The Menu For Chooing A Default Windows 8 Browser

14. Select Google Chrome to set it as your default web browser.

14 - Choose Google Chrome As Your Default Web Browser

15. If you would optionally like your bookmarks, search history and plugins synchronized across all your machines, login using any Google service username and password.

15 - Optionall Add A Google Username And Password To Sync Bookmarks And Data

16. A Google Chrome shortcut should be automatically pinned to your Windows 8 Metro UI.

16 - Google Chrome Shortcut Will Be Automatically Added To The Windows 8 Metro UI


Remember, browser rendering speed is only one aspect of your overall internet experience. One should make sure they’ve completely optimized their operating system as well as verified their current bandwidth from their internet service provider. The amount of performance gain you can get out of a browser is limited to your local computer.

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