iCast: Top 3 Reason I Recommend Bluehost Web Hosting

Top 3 Reason I Recommend Bluehost Web Hosting

Top 3 Reason I Recommend Bluehost Web Hosting

Top 3 Reason I Recommend Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost web hosting has been around for years and has established a strong reputation of reliable and cost effective hosting. When I switched to Bluehost two years ago, I never anticipated falling in love with their service, but I did. There is just something about a company that revolves it’s business model around customer service that draws me in.

This video goes over many reasons why I love Bluehost for my web hosting, but the article will specifically cover my top 3 reasons I recommend Bluehost web hosting and why you should consider using them as your primary host.

Top 3 Reason I Recommend Bluehost Web Hosting

1. Unparalleled Customer Service

As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of customer service, and Bluehost brings a whole new meaning to the word service. Every time I’ve made a phone call into Bluehost I’ve spoken to someone who speaks clear English and has the heart of a teacher.

The credentials of their support staff are also exceptional. They understand basic concepts of websites as well as advanced constructs. There have been multiple times where they were able to get into a specific area I was having trouble with and consult me through fixing them.

To take it another step further, there also have been times I’ve simply called Bluehost for consultations related to my website. For example, they helped me through the process of transferring my old domain to a new one while maintaining my SEO presence through Google. They also helped me recover from breaking my website multiple times.

2. All The Tools You’ll Need

The Bluehost control panel allows for one click installations and upgrades of the most popular services including, but not limited too, WordPress, SimpleScripts and Weebly. They’ve partnered with virtually every promotional network from Google to Bing complete with coupons and value added services.

The control panel also provides full administration of your mySQL or SQL databases, E-Mail, Domain and FTP management. Completely free backup solutions are also provided that do complete daily backups of your website in the unfortunate instance of an outage or hacker attack.

Bluehost has also partnered with a large number of services that can help website builders acheive their goals. These partners range from web marketing to site building and the Bluehost representatives are more than happy to help you select one that is best fit for your business.

Essentially, there are virtually no services Bluehost doesn’t support or consult you on, they take away the burden of a closed web platform and allow for an experience customized to your circumstances and business model.

3. Unlimited Everything For $6.95 Per Month? Yes Please!

All of their services are offered at less than $100.00 per year. I’ve paid much more for consultations alone, let alone a complete web hosting solution with:

– Unlimited Domain Hosting
– Unlimited Hosting Space and File Storage
– Unlimited Monthly File Transfer
– Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
– A Free Domain when Registering
– A Free Site Builder with Templates
– A Free $100 Google AdWords Credit
– Free 24 / 7 Phone, Chat and E-Mail Support

Let’s not forget to mention performance. Server uptime has been an astounding 99.8% since I signed up and I can track the performance of my site right through the control panel logs.

Historically, when I have performance issues with my site, I call them and they help me navigate the logs to find out exactly where the performance loss is coming from and help push me in the direction of a solution.

Conclusion: Check Them Out Or Sign Up Below!

Bluehost is a must have for anyone considering a web hosting solution. Between the unparalleled customer support, massive amounts of features, exceptional price point and fantastic uptime and performance – there’s really no reason not too. Right now they’re offering a package that only costs $4.95 per month instead of the standard $6.95.

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