VIDEO: How To Set Windows 8 To High Performance Mode

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Short Description:

This video covers how to modify the Windows 8 power settings so that it is constantly running in high performance mode. Many times computer systems are designed to be energy efficient, and part of energy efficiency is reducing the power of your machine. But you paid for a fast machine right? So let’s just go ahead and disable this feature.

Step-By-Step Instructions:
  • Launch Your Windows 8 Metro UI.

  • Begin Typing Power And Your Search Box Will Come Up.

  • Click Settings Underneath Your Search Box To Search Within Settings.

  • Click Settings Underneath Your Search Box To Search Within Settings.

  • Select Power Options From The Search Results.

  • If High Performance Mode Is Not Shown In Preferred Plans, Expand The Show Additional Plans Section.

  • Select High Performance Mode.

Closed Captions:

Power settings are essentially a way for windows to manage the amount of processing power your computer is using at any given time now by default especially on laptops it comes with a minimized power setting and personally i like to set everything to high performance mode to make sure that i’m getting the most out of my system anytime i’m using it whether it’s plugged in or not now of course this will reduce battery life if you’re on a laptop and if you’re not on a laptop at least make sure that your computer running top performance no matter what you’re doing on it so to get started let’s just go to the top right hand corner where bring up our Metro user interface we’re going to be doing our automated search here start typing in power and you’ll notice on the left-hand side it says windows powershell well that’s because on the right-hand side windows 8 implemented this new breakdown for your actual searches you have to select settings first and then on the left-hand side again we’re going to go to the power options and we’re going to select that once your power options come up typically the default is set to balance and you can see the specifics of your plan if you click change plan settings and you can actually go to advanced power settings and actually see exactly what happens anytime you do any kind of you know sleep net when it goes into sleep when it disables your wireless things like that but i’m gonna go ahead and cancel that I want to go to show additional plans here at the bottom and we want to select high performance mode and what it will do is it will basically make sure my computer’s always running at the top performance no matter what my system is set up for again this will reduce your battery life but that’s pretty much part of the deal and that’s all for this video