How To Run And Configure Windows 10 Automatic Updates

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How To Run And Configure Windows 10 Automatic Updates


This video is brought to you by: – Windows updates, they’re notorious, and obnoxious… but necessary. It’s extremely important to always make sure your computer has the latest Windows Updates installed. If you don’t have them installed it will likely put your computer’s security (as well as your own information) at risk.

The good news is Microsoft has come a long way in it’s successful distribution of Windows updates. Updating Windows 10 is seamless and painless, not to mention it can now come packed with some additional features and major operating system releases. In case you didn’t know, Microsoft has switched to the “Apple” model of rolling out updates for it’s operating system. No more purchasing “Windows 11.. 12… 13… 75”. That’s right! Let’s just hope they keep their word on that one.

In either case, this video will walk you through updating Windows 10 as well as some advanced features of configuring your Windows 10 automatic updates to be less obnoxious.