Lesson 7: How To Repair Windows 8 Registry Errors

Short Description:

This video covers how to repair common windows 8 registry errors that occur over time due to installations and uninstallation of software packages.

Step-By-Step Instructions:
  • Launch The Installer.

  • If Prompted, Click Ok.

  • Follow The Prompts, Then Read And Accept The End User License Agreement.

  • If It Does Not Do So Automatically, Launch Glary Utilities.

  • Select The 1 Click Maintenance Tab.

  • Click The Scan For Issues Button.

  • Clean And Repair Any Issues That Are Found.

Closed Captions:

Now that we’ve removed viruses and malware from your machine there is a good chance that damage has been done as a result don’t worry it’s pretty easy to repair the registry and other problems that may have been caused with the free piece of software known as glary utilities it’s another great utility I’ve used over the years and we’re going to be using it in the next couple of videos now to get glary utilities you just need to go to PCM tech help.com /a downloads or of course you can google it if you’d like but i do have tons of free downloads here that I’ve used over my years as an IT guy and if you scroll down to the section called system tuning you can find glary utilities sitting right there under the cleaning and tuning section of system tuning once you’ve downloaded we’re going to go ahead and launch the Installer now I actually i’m just going to double-click on the GU setup file that you get from glary utilities and that will launch your installer course user account control asks you if you’re sure I’m going to select yes this is welcome to glary utilities setup wizard let’s go ahead and click Next and of course i have to tell you to agree to the licensing agreement this is free for personal use go ahead and select next when you’re ready and then select next for your location of your file to be installed and then we’ll go ahead and add a glary utilities folder to our startup menu and I’ll take a desktop icon but I’m not big on quick launch and i will go ahead and disable the desktop icon for glary soft giveaway now they do often a package and other things with the software because they’re free and that’s kind of another way they make money but if you’re careful with your installation you don’t have to worry about any kind of extra stuff being installed once it’s complete i’m just going to select launch glary utilities and we’re going to take a look at it real real quick now as you can see it’s very straightforward how this works it’s got a nice little feature called the one-click maintenance which actually doubles as a or what is it rock couples or what not even the 145 but it does a lot it doesn’t hurt registry cleaning fixes shortcuts does startup manager so it checks for dangerous startup item entries it does the temporary files cleaner so it cleans up temporary files that quite as good as some software but we’re going to talk about that a little later and it does spyware remover well as well in the but for the most part it probably won’t need to do that for you in this particular video because we just ran an antivirus anti-spyware on this faster a series all you have to do with this one is just click scan for issues it’s going to look over your registry for any inconsistencies and there’s a lot of inconsistencies on systems that have been running for quite some time and we’re going to run in and actually repair those glary utilities kind of unique in the way that it does all this in a single click and then after it’s actually located and repair them you are going to have to run this utility few times to make sure that all the repairs are done some repairs cause other issues to come up and then you have to keep preparing it now before you click repair problems we have 81 problems and we have fourteen point fifty nine megabytes fought found thankfully we did back up our registry at the beginning of this video series so you don’t have to really worry about creating any kind of a backup at this point because in the worst-case scenario for registry repair which rarely happens very rarely happens it can cause system instability but for the most part they actually make sure that there’s no nothing that can actually occur as a result of that I think maybe one time I’ve heard of that actually happening in my situation now once i click repair items on the click scan for issues again it’s going to run through my skin a second time and it may or may not find additional items if it finds additional items i’m going to run the repair again and you just do this probably two or three times will be all you have to do and it looks like it did not find any now the nice thing about glary utilities it does have a module section that has a bunch of other utilities you can run as well this video just covers the registry repair the one-click maintenance but we will be using a couple of these utilities in the future videos of this series thank you for stopping by to forget to subscribe if you like this video if you have any questions or concerns make sure you swing by the free community at PCM tech help comport / community also make sure you stay for the next video my name is Craig chamberlain and you’re watching the PCM tech help show


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