Lesson 6: How To Remove Windows 8 Viruses And Spyware

Short Description:

This video covers how to remove Windows 8 viruses, adware and spyware that commonly infect the Windows 8 operating system.

Step-By-Step Instructions:
  • Launch The Installer.

  • If Prompted, Click Ok.

  • Follow The Prompts, Then Read And Accept The End User License Agreement.

  • Once The Installation Is Complete, Feel Free To Activate The Free Version Of Malwarebytes Antimalware PRO.

  • At The End Of The Installer, Keep The Box Checked To Download The Latest Malware Definitions.

  • If It Does Not Do So Automatically, Launch Malwarebytes Antimalware.

  • Select The Scan Tab.

  • Choose The Perform A Full System Scan Option And Then Push The Scan Button.

  • Clean And Remove Any Infections That Are Found.

  • Launch Avast Free Antivirus.

  • Once Open, Choose The Scan Option.

  • Under Full System Scan, Click The Start Button.

  • Clean And Remove Any Infections That Are Found.

Closed Captions:

Malware and spyware in my opinion is the single biggest reason for computer slow down that’s why i put this video in the faster 8-series removing malware has become pretty easy with the tools that are out there this tool in particular will take care of most of the work for you it’s known as malwarebytes anti-malware a product very very popular amongst all the IT communities essentially and it’s completely free for personal use now if you want to get this offer you can of course go to malwarebytes.org 02 PCM tech help.com /d downloads and I have the software located right here in the removal tool section under malwarebytes anti-malware amongst a bunch of other tools that I’ve used as an IT guy over the years after you’ve downloaded I’m just going to click the button here so i can launch the Installer i’m going to walk you through malwarebytes anti-malware installation and we’re going to run a complete scan to make sure that your computer is removed of most malware and spyware if this offer for any reason does not remove malware and software from your machine make sure you join my community at PCM tech help.com forward slash community it’s completely free and on google+ and we will help you with whatever viruses you may be dealing with go ahead and select the language you prefer and select ok to get the installation started and i’m going to select next to start the installation of course i have to tell you to read over the licensing agreement and accept it if you do accept those terms again this offers free for personal use not business use go ahead and select next and i’m going to select next one more time and i’m going to go ahead and choose or let it be the default directory select next again and it says it will create a shortcut in my start menu folder sure why not will click Next again and i’m going to go ahead and create a desktop icon as well and select next and then finally select install the installation should go pretty quick it’s not a huge piece of software which is another reason it’s great now in this particular instance you can choose to enable the free month of malware anti Bert malwarebytes anti-malware pro it is a real-time scanner which means it will run in the background but it will catch malware as it comes in for those of you who are looking for extensive protection this is worth the twenty dollars that they will charge for it i’m going to disable it for this demo I’m going to make sure that i’m updating and then launching this offer immediately after installation and i’m going to select finish now this software again will remove most viruses that people run into I there’s very little it won’t catch but in those rare instances remember do not hesitate to come to the community now has updated the definition and i’m going to select ok and it’s going to launch the software for me and the software is very easy to use it’s pretty intuitive you have two options here you have the quick scan the full-scale three options quick scan full scan and a flash can personally I usually start on a brand new system with a full scan if you do regular maintenance you can always just do a quick scan if it finds anything then do a full scan because the full scan will obviously take more time than your quick scan up here at the top of the protection option now you cannot get the real-time protection unless you have the full version of the software again if you’re really worried about viruses and malware or if you have very sensitive data on your machine isn’t this software is worth the money don’t worry i don’t get kickbacks if you register I just really think this offers great of course can go to update you can see when you last ran your updates you can go to quarantine to see what has been caught and cleaned go two logs to see logs of all your previous scans and go to ignore list to add items to your ignore list that you do not want malwarebytes to identify their also known as false positives in the settings you may want to check out the scheduler here this is kind of a big deal for a lot of people because a lot of people like to use a scheduled scan now getting this feature is only available on the pro so make sure you select ok and go to the updater settings make sure all these settings are exactly the way I want them but for the most part the default configuration is going to be good for just about everybody malwarebytes also has a number of great tools available known it in the more tool section and you have a chameleon which gets malware running when blocked by malicious programs if anti-rootkit software for those deep deep infections you may have in your system file assassin will kill a file even if it’s locked so if there’s something that will not delete that’s a great one to do it and then you have started light which eliminate unnecessary applications on the startup menu now this the software is one that’s great and i actually use glary utilities as well for my startup will use that in a later video but to remove your antivirus or to remove your malware and spyware you just run this full scan and once it locates it you select clean but that’s not all in the previous video we did install a full antivirus software package known as a vast so let me launch that as well and on the bottom right hand corner i’m just going to double-click on the avast antivirus section and i’m going to select the scan button so i can actually initiate a full scan of my computer and it will start running right away now i’m going to stop it for this demonstration any viruses that this finds as well make sure you’re actually going to remove them again it starts with a quick scan here so that’s something i should probably note if you want to do the full scan of your system you will click scan and then you actually go down here in the bottom right-hand corner for the full system scan and select start this will actually run a full scan of your system between these two software packages most 95 two ninety-eight percent of malware will be caught and eradicated and that will hopefully help improve your system significantly in speed but now that we’ve removed some essential viruses and malware and viruses from your system we can move on with the faster rate series and actually doing full system optimization remember do not hesitate to come to the community with any questions at PCM tech help.com forward slash community it is a Google+ community and we’re very active my name is Craig Chamberlain you’re watching the PCM tech help show and i’ll see you in the next video


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