How To Remove And Clean Windows XP Junk Files – Faster XP 2012 – Ep. 13

Removing and cleaning junk files is one of the most popular optimization methods used by most users. Although the performance benefits offered by junk removal aren’t extremely significant, the cosmetic and navigational benefits are.

One of the nice side effects of removing junk files is the removal of internet history, cookies and cached files. This allows for websites to be freshly loaded the next time you open them. This may make the next load take longer, but it often fixes many website issues a browser may be struggling with.

There are many great freeware junk file cleaners in the market, and many of them are packaged with optimization tools. These free cleaners include, but are not limited too: CCleaner, Glary Utilities and Advanced SystemCare. CCleaner is the most reputable one I typically recommend to my users.

The ideal method for junk removal is to ensure the proper items are selected for removal. Many people attempt to clean up junk files for a friend or family member only to find them disgruntled that their internet history was removed. Removal of internet history can be a major inconvenience to the end user. For this reason, always make sure history is unchecked if it is an issue.


Removing and cleaning junk files is a great way to get rid of the old junk files no longer used by the computer. These files are often insignificant and use unnecessary disk space as well as increase disk access speeds. Before implementing a junk removal strategy, always ensure the proper boxes are checked for removal, and avoid removing internet history if it will create headaches for the end user.

About This Episode:

In this video, I cover how to remove and clean Windows XP junk files.

How To Remove And Clean Windows XP Junk Files:

1. Download and install the latest version of ‘CCleaner’ (you may want to avoid installing the Google Toolbar).

2. Open ‘CCleaner’.

3. When prompted to ‘Intelligently Scan For Cookies’, select ‘Yes’.

4. If you wish to keep ‘Internet History’, make sure to ‘Uncheck’ the option for ‘History’ under ‘Internet Explorer’.

5. Select the ‘Analyze’ button.

6. Select the ‘Run Cleaner’ button.

7. When prompted to proceed, choose ‘Yes’.

8. Run steps ‘5 through 7’ until no more files exist for cleaning.


As one can see, given the right tools removing and cleaning Windows XP junk files is extremely easy. It is typically good practice to run CCleaner at least once a month to ensure proper removal of unused junk files.

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