Lesson 5: How To Register And Setup Avast Free Antivirus On Windows 8

Short Description:

This video covers how to optimize and register the Avast! Home Edition free antivirus software package for regular use and free licensing.

Step-By-Step Instructions:
  • Launch Avast! Home Edition And Click The Register Button.

  • Select The Avast! Edition You Would Like To Activate, The Home Edition Is Free.

  • Enter Your First Name, Last Name And E-mail Address.

  • Choose Register With E-mail Address.

  • For A Complete Overview Of Avast! Home Edition Features And Options, Watch The Video Above.

Closed Captions:

My name is Craig chamberlain and you’re watching the faster 8-series only on the PCM tech help show ok in the previous video we installed avast free antivirus and as I’ve said before it’s one of the good free anti viruses out there but it’s not necessarily the best a lot of that is open to interpretation but I’ve had a lot of really good luck with it so i always recommend it to my users now in today’s video we’re going to actually go through some more interesting things and actually customize our vast installation so that’s actually running the way we wanted to run now the first thing we’re going to want to do is register it because you only get 30 days if you don’t register your version of vast so let’s go ahead and select register and see how easy this is now of course a vast makes money if you decide to upgrade and get additional protection on the left hand side if you feel like you need those protections avast is a decent product for commercial use but i usually recommend moving to something like kaspersky or ESET nod32 you also have the option to do internet security which has a lot of additional features as well right now we’re just going to register for the free protection and it’s going to bring up our registration I’m just gonna go ahead and enter my first and last name and I’m gonna enter my email address PCM tech help.com and click register with email address and it is officially registered at that point i’m going to go ahead and select stay with basic as you can see just by entering my email address i get 365 days now when that day amount is up i will just have to re-register and I’ll get into additional 365 days now let’s get into the actual customization part of our vast antivirus as an overview your obvious scans and things like that are right here on your home section in the top left hand corner you can select security and look at what’s going on in real time between your cloud and your device for establishing security it will show your file system that’s being scanned every any given time your web shield which is also being scanned at any given time will also give you your mail shield your network shield peer-to-peer IM behavior and script shield all of these are built right into the avast software package we go to maintenance we can look at more in-depth detail on basic maintenance with the device you can see what any viruses you’ve actually gotten rid of where your scan logs are at what your registration stay this is and whether or not you can update or have update dated recently but for the most part at this point you’re going to go to a market and you can see if there’s any additional protection you want to purchase and there’s some recommendations that they’ll give you as well first different software packages and again they’ve gotta support line as well for those of you looking for support in this video we’re more interested in this top right corner option right here called settings this will bring up what looks to be intimidating but it’s really not that bad once you just take your time with each section four basic settings of course you can disable your tray icon in the bottom right hand corner you can disable the animation you can also go through and add some additional behavior there you can do your updates the top left-hand corner and decide how you want to do updates through manual or automatic modes you can also select cloud services if you want to change reputation or streaming updates these are pretty much self-explanatory once you’ve read them pop ups you can modify the way that the popups occur how often they occur or if they don’t happen at all right here in the actual pop-up section for virus chest you can choose the size of the chest before it actually cleans it out the virus alerts you can have it send emails automatically to you if you receive or it finds a virus very cool feature if you’re installing it on a client or your mom’s computer by the way global exclusions if you want to exclude certain files from the scan that will be detected as viruses you would enter that file or select that file through the Browse section here you do the same thing for websites the URLs you can enter a web address that it will bypass you can also protect a vast with a password if you don’t want your kids getting in and changing the settings or if you think and a virus may infective ask this will actually add an extra layer of protection browser integration allows you to install your plug-in right into the browser will look it will give you additional protection on your web browser web repin anti-phishing are pretty much built-in filters that are separate and they will actually allow you to get additional protection of your web surfing site correct actually make sure you do you are not being redirected to fake sites it will redirect you to the proper site when that occurs silent and gaming mode is very popular for a lot of people so that because they do not like pop ups and if you do silent pop-ups and gaming mode you won’t be notified at all when things occur very popular for a lot of gamers then you have your status bar for monitoring certain shields your language what sound effects you would like your current account settings I’m based on your email address of course you can participate in the community and send up anonymous statistics here you go to maintenance and see how often you wanted to update and remove old data software updater will tell you whether or not you want to run the automatic update your software and then of course you have trouble shooting which will allow you to set up your factory defaults and actually set up some diagnostic utilities as well so that’s all there is to this video it’s a complete overview of every option you have on the antivirus software one thing i do like to do is if you click the if you click the home button here the smiley faces they’re usually in pretty good shape especially if it’s winking at you quite disturbing yes and if you go to your actual security and you go down to tools you can also look at your browser clean up and actually do a complete cleanup of your browser’s you can do site blocking and something called access anywhere which will let you remotely control a computer now this is the only available to the professional but not not the standard version other than that you’re pretty much good to go that’s all you need to know about avast Free Edition and there’s a lot of other features that are available in the professional additions but really like i said i think this is more than adequate for most users who were out there for standard antivirus protection so thank you for stopping by and watching this video I know it’s a little long but there’s a lot to avast free antivirus hopefully it was comprehensive enough to keep your attention as always you can stop by my website at PCM tech help.com don’t forget to join the community if you have questions at PCM tech help.com forward slash community it is a Google+ community so it’s completely free also you’re my name is Craig chamberlain and you’re watching the PCM tech help show


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