How To Quickly Update Windows 10 Apps

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How To Quickly Update Windows 10 Apps


This video is brought to you by: – Many people were extremely frustrated when the Windows 8 operating system was released and forced users into the Windows App interface. This was a justified frustration mostly because many of us didn’t actually have a mobile device where a touch screen style interface was needed – but they gave it to us anyway.

Something good game out of that ordeal, however. The Windows 10 approach to apps gave us a smaller version of the Tile App screen right within our start menu. It also gave us access to all those nifty Windows apps from the app store. If you’re like me, you like notifications, and many apps such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter will give you those notifications right on your Windows 10 desktop.

Where there are apps there are updates. Many people do not realize that all of these updates don’t simply “magically run” like most Windows updates and they need to be run manually. This video will show you how it’s done.