How To Quickly Remove Junk Files From Windows XP, Vista And 7

The longer we use a computer the more it accumulates useless or “junk” files on it. Windows often stores files temporarily in the instance of file recovery. These files, more often than not, go unused and should periodically be removed from the computer. Most individuals turn to the system cleaner built into the Windows operating system to remove old junk files, but that can take a long time.  The better method is to use a freeware piece of software known as CCleaner.

Piriform CCleaner is a free tool that has been available for many years.  The interface is extraordinarily easy to use and it offers the flexibility of cleaning junk from both a computer registry and the computer system.  The two greatest benefits of CCleaner are it’s small size and quick scan times.

As of today, CCleaner sports over 16,250,000 total downloads and carries a user rating of over 4.5 stars.  A portable version of CCleaner is now available as well.

How To Quickly Remove Junk Files From Windows XP, Vista And 7:

1. Download Piriform CCleaner Free at:

2. Install CCleaner

3. Open CCleaner

4. In the Cleaner section, select the Analyze button.

5. If prompted to close your web browser, do so.

6. Once your drive has been analyzed, select the “Run Cleaner” button.

7. Junk has been removed from your system.

8. To clean your registry, select the ‘Registry’ section.

9. Select ‘Scan for issues…’

10. Once your registry has been scanned, select the ‘Fix Selected Issues…’ option.

11. If prompted to create a registry backup, do so.

12. When prompted, select ‘Fix All Selected Issues’

13. You’re done!

CCleaner should be run after doing many installations of software or file transfers.  You should also run CCleaner at least once a month to remove any excess junk that may have built up.

Craig Chamberlin
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