Lesson 8: How To Optimize Windows 8 Startup

Short Description:

This video covers how to optimize the Windows 8 startup to improve overall Windows 8 startup and boot times. It will also improve performance of Windows 8.

Step-By-Step Instructions:
  • Launch The Installer.

  • If Prompted, Click Ok.

  • Follow The Prompts, Then Read And Accept The End User License Agreement.

  • If It Does Not Do So Automatically, Launch Glary Utilities.

  • Select The Modules Tab.

  • Click The Startup Manager.

  • Uncheck Any Items That Have A Significant Amount Of Red In The Ratings Section

  • If The Rating Section Is Empty, Expand The Path Section So You Can Read The File Executed On Startup.

  • Open A New Tab In Your Favorite Internet Browser

  • Read The First Couple Of Results To Determine If You Should Keep The Item In Your Startup Or Not.

  • If You Don’t Need The Item On Startup, Uncheck The Box Next To The Process Name In Glary Utilities.

Closed Captions:

In the previous video we used as pieces offer known as glary utilities completely free to repair common windows registry problems now we’re going to use the same piece of software to optimize our windows 8 start up a lot of people are intimidated by the windows 8 start-up because essentially they don’t know what to disable so we’re gonna put that concern to bed today we’re going to be using glary utilities again to do it now if you don’t have glary utilities yet you can find it at PCM tech help.com /a downloads where I keep all of my freeware and open-source downloads that I’ve collected over the years in my IT there’s even more of them available at the community page PCM tech help comport / community if you scroll down to the section called cleaning and tuning or system tuning you can actually see it right here next to the cleaning and tuning section for glary utilities now what you’ve installed it we’re going to launch glary utilities and we’re gonna take a look at a module known as well where we have one but with a depth that there were two it optimized improved that’s the one we’re going to select the startup manager now if you’ve opened this up remember at the top you have to click modules then you want to click optimize and improve then you want to select startup manager now the reason i like glary utilities as a startup manager is because it has these nice little ratings next to these devices that actually allows you to do a little bit of Investigation beforehand before you disable some startup entries what a lot of people like to do as well as they like to read the executable file in the path which is another great way to find out what you’re allowed to what you’re not allowed to disable the first thing I do is I sort by rating so i’m going to select the rating tab here and select again because red is usually unnecessary malwarebytes anti-malware in this case actually doesn’t need to start on system startup in my case because to be honest with you I don’t have the professional version which does a real-time scanning the background now when I disabled it i can still launch malwarebytes anti-malware it just won’t launch itself on startup now of course i want a vast to launch on started because it’s my antivirus and i also want my google Drive sink to launch on startup because it’s what synchronizes my files to the cloud as we did in an earlier video in this series as well so other than that you usually greeted with about 20 or 30 items on this what you want to do is if you if there’s no rating for it we actually need to go into a little bit of investigation but don’t worry it’s not too much let’s click and drag this little scroll bar to the right and then let’s direct click and drag this tab to the right as well what we’re looking for is the dot exe file that’s being launched i’m sorry the dot exe file that’s being launched in this particular startup item for this one it’s my fam GUI DXE for this one is a vast you i exc and for this one is google drive sink dxc let’s take em bambooee dot exe for example let’s go ahead and open up our favorite internet browser in my case it’s google chrome and i’m going to slide it all the way to the right and use the windows 8 lock feature to actually lock it to half of my screen and i’m going to scroll my startup manager the left-hand side so I can do a little bit of homework and investigation here what I’m going to do is I’m going to write this ambam GUI DXE into a google search so I go to google.com and it will bring up google’s homepage and I’m a type and bam GUI I’m sorry GUI dot exe and press enter now the first thing you see is usually a couple results about the actual process what you want to do is a little bit of Investigation usually the first two or three results will give you the information you need and you can know whether or not it’s reliable or trust worthy or necessary so if we go through here we can say it’s located the folder process nowhere known as malwarebytes anti-malware belongs to the software malwarebytes anti-malware or malwarebytes anti-malware version for malwarebytes.org says that the file is free file form can help you determine its virus trojan spyware adware we keep scrolling down through here and it says some malware camouflages itself as malwarebytes gooey and so you can do a little bit of Investigation here and find out if it’s exactly what you want to start on startup or not in that for that you’re gonna have to make your own judgment like in my case i said i don’t need it because i don’t need it to run on startup for real-time software a lot of software that adds itself to this category is like adobe is really big on it flash java all of these updaters google updaters and a lot of software ads itself to the startup so that you actually you don’t even need to do it but it does it and so essentially that’s all you need to know go through each of your executables if it does not have a rating and go ahead and disable them if you feel that you do not need them if you have any questions or concerns about certain programs launching on startup make sure you join the free google+ community at PCM tech help.com forward slash community where there’s a ton of texts there ready to help you free of charge and that’s what we do here thank you for watching this video subscribe if you liked it don’t forget to subscribe to my channel as well like the video as well you can see the next video of course on my channel and remember my name is Craig Chamberlain you’re watching the PCM tech help show


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