Lesson 9: How To Install The Classic Start Menu On Windows 8

Short Description:

This video covers how to install the classic shell start menu on the Windows 8 operating system. It also shows how to customize the start menu for the experience the user is most comfortable with.

Step-By-Step Instructions:
  • Launch The Installer.

  • If Prompted, Click Ok.

  • Follow The Prompts, Then Read And Accept The End User License Agreement.

  • Once Installation Is Complete, Right Click On The Start Menu Button.

  • Click On Settings.

  • Choose The Customization Options (Windows XP, 7, Vista, etc.) That Best Fit Your Start Menu Preferences.

Closed Captions:

There’s been a lot of controversy over the start menu for the Windows 8 operating system and a lot of people love this new metro UI but there is an option that you can choose to make sure you get back your classic windows start menu this software is known as Classic Shell it is a sourceforge open-source software package that anybody can use it anytime now this software is of course at my website so let’s pull that up pc m.tech help.com and you go to PCM tech help.com /c downloads for all my other free downloads we’re going to highlight the free download section here we’re going to go down to networking and administration and you’re going to look in Windows tools and you’re gonna look for Classic Shell you go ahead and go there and download it or you can google Classic Shell Windows 8 Start menu and it will come up probably at the very very top once you’ve actually downloaded it we’re going to click it to open it up and then we’re going to actually start our installation so that we can get the installation completed and get our Start menu back so will be greeted with this classic she’ll start up wizard which will allow us to walk through and choose some options on our Start menu which is why it’s my favorite start menu option for windows 8 because we get to pick which one we want go ahead and select next and of course you have to read the licensing agreement i’m obligated to tell you that and agree to it if you do and at this time you’re just going to look at all these options we’re just going to keep them all available it comes with a classic explorer which has a toolbar to Windows Explorer replacing the UI and fixes some usability problems and look at the classic start menu it is a highly customizable replacement for the windows start menu we got classic internet explorer 9 but to customize the title bar in status bar ie9 and the classic shell update which is just basically your updates so they’re going to go ahead and select next and we’re going to select Install to get the installation started like I said I like this one because you can actually choose between the old windows 8 up its going to ask user account control so make sure you select yes to allow the installation you get to pick between different versions of the actual start menu that you’d like so you can view the remaining followers going to uncheck that I’m select finish to get my installation completed now the bottom left-hand corner i can select the classic style start menu and it gives me this very fancy or very straightforward i should say start menu option here now if I right click on it i can click on settings and this will actually let me customize what type of start menu I’d like I can do the windows classic i can do the windows XP or the Windows Vista and Windows 7 Start menu personally I’m a fan of the Windows Vista and Windows 7 Start menu so i’m going to select that and i’m going to select yes so i can actually reset my start menu for that option it does give you some other options as well such as backing up your settings that you’ve made to your Start menu to an xml file or resetting everything to default and for here you can actually do all settings as well the top which gives you tons of customizations as what you can do for your start menu you can change your Start button you can change your skin’s there’s different skins you can change the search box you can change the menu look you can change the general behavior special items controls start menu style like i said before context menus sounds start menu basically what item show up on your Start menu windows 8 settings start button and language let me go back down here and take a look at my start menu now and of course it looks like the Windows 7 Start menu which is very cool because now i got access to all of the programs and apps that i wanted before and I can just basically select them like I used to one thing i do like again about this is it does give you this app’s option which is actually your metro UI app so it does separate an isolate those from one another you can still do your windows search and everything as well so it’s kinda cool it does give you some instant results as well so that’s all there is to this video that’s how you get your classic start menu back in windows 8 I do consider this a valuable tip for optimizing your windows 8 operating system because i think it’s part of improving people’s desktop experience overall again my name is Craig Chamberlain you’re watching the PCM tech help show and I will see you in the next video


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