Lesson 4: How To Install Avast! Free Antivirus On Windows 8

Short Description:

This video covers how to install Avast Free Antivirus on Windows 8 one of the most popular free antivirus software packages available.

Step-By-Step Instructions:
  • Launch The Avast! Home Edition Installer.

  • If Windows User Account Control Prompts You To Accept The Install, Click Yes.

  • Select Express Install And Follow The Prompts.

  • Read And Accept The Avast! Home Edition Privacy Agreement.

  • Complete The Avast! Home Edition Registration To Activate The First Year Of Free Protection.

  • If Prompted, Install The Avast! Home Edition Browser Extensions As Well.

Closed Captions:

My name is Craig chamberlain and you’re watching the faster 8-series only on the PCM tech help show yeah yeah there are a number of free antivirus software packages available in the market and which one’s the best is highly debatable for that reason I have selected avast antivirus as our antivirus of choice for this series that does not mean all of the free anti viruses such as avg free edition or panda which is a real popular one are good of course they’re good they’re actually very good as is in terms of detection rates and scan times but I’ve just had the best luck with a vast now you can find a vast at my website at PCM tech help.com /d downloads and it will be in the first section called the anti-malware section i took the liberty of already downloading this antivirus software it’s right here as you can see a vast home edition and it’s completely free for personal use all you need to do is register but we’ll talk about that in the next video in this video we’ll just be installing it so let me go ahead and open up my downloads because i have already downloaded it and let’s walk through the installation of a vast i’m gonna go ahead and select it to start the Installer will of course proud me by user account control and i’ll select yes this will bring up my avast installation now the nice thing about vasas it’s made astounding strides in actual ease-of-use and detection rates as well as usability we can go ahead and select express install just to get a very clean installation it says a free antivirus does collect some information from your computer including some personal information they promised they will never use or share that information to third parties which is a goodnight good thing but if you don’t agree to that then don’t agree to it then i’m going to select next in the installation will take place now vast makes lots of money based on actually people upgrading their plan from the free antivirus to the professional antivirus that does not mean you have to but they do offer additional protection to those of you who want additional protection or features if you so choose to upgrade personally I think that the free antivirus is more than adequate for most users so there’s no real need to upgrade significantly for your free antivirus software unless you’re into scrupulous activities and for those of you who are doing that you know who you are I always have to push heavily at the PCM tech help.com forward slash community and our community page I we always talk about antivirus software and we are actually very very strongly convinced that it’s mostly based on user behavior if you have any questions or concerns about Adam fires neighbor make sure you jump into the free community and ask it any time so it says i have 30 days of protection now that is the case for the initial loading we have to register to get our full year of $YEAR edition of antivirus i’m going to select next let me go and close the windows update notification then click finish this is going to actually bring up my avast free antivirus software interface welcome to a vas notice that it actually prompted me in the bottom right-hand corner it’s doing the initial startup scan and it said welcome to invest now it’s recommending that i install the online security plugin for google chrome this is completely free and i do recommend you go ahead and select Install Now and then select add has been completed the nice thing about google chrome in this particular case is it actually is a very simple installation I just click Add and there we go i am good to go I have online security installed on my machine now let me go ahead and bring up a vast i’m just going to select little arrow the bottom right-hand corner of my screen and double-click on a vast to bring it up here is the interface and we’re gonna be talking about a little bit more about this in the next video is the next video we’re going to actually do the full registration and go through a software overview but this free antivirus will give you an adequate protection for most of your most of users out there so that’s all there is i was going to talk about in this video as always my name is Craig Chamberlain don’t forget to subscribe if you liked this video and like it as well and stay tuned for the next video where we will talk about registering and going over the full setup of your avast free antivirus thank you for watching the PCM tech help show i will see you in the next video.


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