Lesson 10: How To Disable Windows 8 User Account Control (UAC)

Short Description:

This video covers how to modify the Windows 8 User Account Control settings to be less intrusive during the Windows 8 experience. Although Windows 8 user account control is important for security, it can also be detrimental to the user experience. Disabling it can improve overall usability of the Windows 8 operating system.

Step-By-Step Instructions:
  • Open Your Windows 8 Metro UI (Start Menu)

  • Type User Account Control And The Search Box Will Come Up.

  • On The Left Hand Side Search Results, Choose Change User Account Control Settings.

  • Move The Slider Down To Never Notify.

Closed Captions:

Disabling user account control was one of my least popular tweaks in my previous series of videos now the reason I decided to add this again is because i wanted to elaborate a little further why i disable user account control mostly it’s because it interferes with most users experience in other words when you try to open a program you always get this pop-up in most people by pretty much negligence stop paying attention to win this prompt comes up and they just mindlessly click yes or no and also for a lot of people if they don’t need user account control because they’re comfortable with their current security level i like to give them the option to disable it so let’s go to our Metro UI here and we’re going to bring it up and we’re going to start typing the word user account control and on the right-hand side you’re going to notice in the search results that we’re going to select settings and then on the left-hand side lets us choose the option change user account control settings go ahead and click that user account control is pretty prevent potentially harmful programs for making changes to your computer and it just notifies you when they when they are starting to change now you can modify this slider to always notify all the way down to never notify and so pretty much you can do whatever you’d like in whatever you feel comfortable with personally I like to go to Never notify because i don’t like to be notified every 10 seconds of something that’s going on once I’ve selected never notify i’m going to select ok and it’s kind of course notify me and I’m select yes and that will prevent future you notifications on startup let’s see if it doesn’t immediately if it’ll actually wait i’m going to watch it it does do it immediately so that in my opinion does help improve usability for a lot of users who aren’t that concerned with that part of the security and making unwanted changes so that’s all there is to it all you have to do is disable user account control this video and it will help improve your experience and usability of the windows operating system so make sure you tune in to the next video remember you can swing by the community at anytime PCM tech help.com forward slash community and ask questions my name is Craig Chamberlain you’re watching the PCM tech help show


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