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How To Create And Restore A Windows 8 Restore Point [HD] – Tip 1

How To Create And Recover A System Restore Point - Tip 1

How To Create And Recover A System Restore Point - Tip 1

How To Create And Recover A System Restore Point

Windows restore points have been around for quite some time. Microsoft has done an excellent job of creating an efficient utility for the creation, management and automation of system restore points. This software is included with nearly all modern Windows operating systems.

System restore points are often confused with system and file backups. It is important the user realizes a system restore point doesn’t backup important documents, videos or photographs. These documents should be backed up with a separate utility such as GFI PC Backup (free for personal use). For those looking to backup critical documents, it is often recommended looking at an external source such as Carbonite Online Backup.

The Windows 8 system restore utility backs up the system configuration files as well as the system registry. These configuration and registry files can be corrupted for a variety of reasons ranging from Malware to simple user error. Whatever the reason, it is always a good idea to create a Windows 8 system restore point to be on the safe side.

Creating a Windows restore point is essential prior to making any major system modifications. The Faster 8 series will make some major modifications to the Windows 8 operating system in order to optimize it. Creating a system restore point an essential first step in this process.


This article illustrates how to create and restore a Windows 7 System Restore Point.2

This video is part of the Faster 8 video and written tutorial series presented by The PCM Tech Help Show with Craig Chamberlin. Faster 8 is a series dedicated to the complete optimization of the Windows 8 operating system using freeware and open source software tools.

How To Create And Restore A Windows 8 System Restore Point [HD]:

1. Navigate to the Windows 8 Metro UI.

1 - Windows 8 Metro UI

2. Type the words System Restore and the Windows 8 search prompt should pop up automatically

2 - Windows 8 System Restore

3. Select the Settings option to view all Windows 8 settings related search results.

3 - Windows 8 Start Menu Settings

4. Select Create a restore point from the Windows 8 search results in the left hand navigation.

4 - Windows 8 Create System Restore Point

5. Once the system properties menu loads, choose the Create… option to begin creating your system restore point.

5 - Windows 8 Create System Restore Point

6. Name your system restore point and choose Create. Note: It is important to name the restore point something significantly related to the reason you are performing the system restore point.

6 - Name Your Windows 8 System Restore Point

7. Wait for the system protection utility to complete the restore point creation.

7 - Wait For Windows 8 To Create The System Restore Point

8. When the restore point has been successfully created, you will be notified.

8 - Your Restore Point Was Successfully Created

9. To recover a system restore point, return to the system properties menu and launch the System Restore… utility.

9 - Select System Restore From The System Menu

10. After System Restore has launched, click the Next button to initiate the system restore utility.

10 - Select Next In The System Restore Window

11. Select the system restore point you’ve previously created.

11 - Choose Your Windows 8 System Restore Point

12. Select Next and follow the prompts to completely restore your system restore point.

12 - Choose Next To Recover Your System Restore Point


Remember, the system restore point only backs up critical Windows 8 system and registry files. It is critical the user creates a separate backup strategy for all of their most important documents, images and videos prior to making any major system modifications.

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