Disable The Logo GUI Boot In Windows 7 Startup | Faster 7 Part 26


disable-the-logo-gui-boot-on-windows-7-startup-faster-7-part-26When the Windows 7 operating system is booting up, it displays to the user an animated graphical Windows logo.  Loading and displaying this logo adds a few seconds to the Windows 7 startup time, so disabling it will shave off these seconds.  The downside?  The screen is black while Windows loads, and if users are uncomfortable with that, then it is not a good idea to disable it.

The logo really has no added value or benefit to display other than letting the user know Windows is loading.  If you have tweaked your system to a comfortable level, and you are comfortable not seeing this image anymore, then it is safe to disable.  Personally, it was tougher for me on Windows 7 than their other operating system, mostly because the Windows load GUI was more fun to look at than it’s predecessors.

Disable The Logo GUI Boot On Windows 7 Startup:

1. Select the Windows ‘Start’ button.

2. In the search box, type ‘msconfig’.

3. Scroll up and right click on the program.

4. Select ‘Run As Administrator’.

5. When the system configuration utility is loaded, select the ‘Boot’ tab.

6. Check the box titled ‘No GUI Boot’ at the bottom center of the form.

7. Click ‘Apply’.

8. Select ‘Ok’.

9. Restart your computer.

There is a niche startup speed community that will have a special appreciate for this tip.  Some users simply love to get their computer to boot as quickly as possible, sometimes even running a stop watch to monitor their changes in startup performance.  I’m not one of those people… really… no seriously… I’m… not…

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