Digital Picture Frames

Craig discusses Digital Picture Frames

Digital Picture Frames


My mom doesn’t have a computer nor internet at her house, yet she has a digital camera but no where to watch those digital photos but the camera itself. Can you think of a super simple device and I can get that she can watch her pictures?


Excellent question. I actually recommend you looking into a technology known as digital picture frames. Digital picture frames will be your best bet because you can get digital picture frames from your local Target, Best Buy, Amazon or Walmart.

I have digital picture frames on my office wall. I download all of my pictures to a little SD card, slide the SD card in the slot and I’m rolling. My father in law actually has a good experience digital picture frames… and he doesn’t like computers and doesn’t really work with them regularly. He may play Bejeweled, but that’s about it. So his wife just loads the SD card when he needs new pictures. Then he can bring it to work, slide the SD card into the picture frame and see all the pictures.

Digital pictures frames would be my best recommendation because people who have never worked with technology, or are intimidated by technology, are comfortable with a picture frame. Digital picture frames are simply a picture frame. It’s one of those things where they’ve gotten simple to use and they actually look decent now. Digital picture frames no longer have that big bulky back that’s like 15 feet deep. You know, the ones that stuck out from your wall like 15 feet had a a power adapter the size of your face dangling down from it. Another great thing about digital picture frames is they are really cost effective.

You mom not having internet does limit her because I know there’s a number of devices she could get like the Roku box or the Apple TV. Apple TV will let you watch all your photos right on your television. That’s one my favorite features on the Apple TV. The Apple TV is the most underrated Apple product out there right now. It’s a cost effective $100 box and it’s powerful. It’s tied into iTunes and if you drop all your photos in iPhoto it’ll actually show the pictures right on your television as a screensaver when you’re not using your Apple TV. That’s probably way more advanced and she would be interested in.

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