Lesson 1: How To Create A Windows 8 Restore Point

Short Description:

This video covers how to perform a full system restore point creation on the Windows 8 operating system.

Step-By-Step Instructions:
  • Open The Windows 8 Metro UI.

  • Type the words Create System Restore and the search bar will come up

  • Select the Settings tab.

  • Select Create A Restore Point from the search results

  • One the dialog box opens, simply click Create…

  • Name the restore point.

  • Click Ok.

Closed Captions:

My name is Craig Chamberlin you’re watching the faster eight series only on the PC & Tech help show now creating a system restore point on Windows is extremely easy all you have to do is go to your Metro UI will go ahead and get started to start typing in the word create system I’m restore doesn’t come up doesn’t well that’s because you have to click the Settings tab on the right hand side the new feature in the Windows 8 operating system and then on the left hand side you get a create a system restore point link go and select that and it’ll bring up your nice system protection tab up at the top here we’re gonna just basically select Create I’m sorry not the top to the bottom for create gonna say faster be series restore point myrna click Create that is going to create our system restore point for us and then we are officially done with this video


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