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Craig Chamberlin

Craig Chamberlin

IT Manager, Applications Engineer, Web Designer & Video Producer

You may not know me yet, but my catalog of over 700 videos gives free tech help to thousands of people every day. I’ve been on YouTube for over 8 years.Right now I’m spending time with my family as my two young children, ages 2 and 4 grow up so I don’t dedicate as much time as before to content production. I’m excited to continue working on the projects I’m working on and enjoy learning all technology has to offer.

My Experience:
With over 10 years of IT manager experience and 18 years of computer experience as well as a passion for teaching, I’ve learned to become extremely resourceful for getting solutions to users.

I have vast experience with WordPress, eCommerce, web design, social media marketing, Google+, search engine optimization, YouTube, video editing and production, computer troubleshooting, computer building, computer optimization, smartphones, tablets, cloud computing, backups, identity theft protection, system security, home networking, business networking and more.

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