Chromebooks Are The Future

Craig discusses why Chromebooks Are The Future

Chromebooks Are The Future


I wonder if Chromebooks will become obsolete within four to five years, aren’t they just browsers anyway?


Good question. I cover many of the powerful aspects and limitations of Chromebooks in my Chromebook Review. The whole reason the Chromebook operating system is a browser is so it doesn’t become obsolete. Chromebooks are the future because the beautiful thing about browsers is they aren’t operating system dependent. This is one of the biggest battles all operating system companies face over the years: “How do we remain relevant and how do we remain the go to place for developers to develop and design applications?” What’s going to decide the future of all operating systems is not so much the quality of those operating systems but the ease of use, availability and their cost-effectiveness.

It’s just like the gaming industry. The platform of choice goes where the the development of applications are most prominent. Developers flock to a platform that they feel is going to be sustainable. Right now many many developers are flocking to the browser environment. The Chrome browser environment gives extreme flexibility in a tablet and mobile market. It doesn’t hurt that Chromebooks are some of the fastest, most reasonably priced laptops available. The browser gives developers the ability to develop more comprehensive applications without tying themselves to a specific operating system. That’s what I love about Chromebooks and why Chromebooks are the future.

The Chromebook technology and Chrome OS are still in their infant stages.  This technology is extremely powerful because Web Applications can be used on virtually any piece of hardware.  You can have a browser on your phone, desktop, laptop or tablet.  Chromebooks are the future because in Chrome, you can run the full applications from within the browser.  That’s why you see companies like Adobe taking their first step into cloud services by creating Adobe Creative Cloud. That’s why you see all these major developers like Microsoft considering making Microsoft Office for a browser.

All these companies are are now getting on board with the browser development. Why? Because it’s here to stay.  Google obviously realized there would be a demand for this very early on.  Even I didn’t realize the operating system of the future would be a non-operating system. Chromebooks are the future because they show the potential of a truly transparent operating system.

That’s where Chrome shines. Chrome doesn’t require that you have a Chromebook.  Windows software requires that you have a Windows operating system on your computer. Mac software requires that you have a Mac operating system on your computer. Both Windows and Mac require that you have a processor and other hardware that supports their software. If a developer writes a piece of software, that software requires the respective operating system. But if you write an application for a browser, then everybody with a phone, desktop, laptop or tablet as well as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS instantly has access to it. Your customer base instantly becomes massive.

That’s why Chromebooks are the future. That’s why you see a huge amount of people running toward web development. That’s why when people are asking “Hey Craig what programming language should I learn?” I recommend getting into web development. That’s where everything’s going to be.  Cloud-based computing, Cloud-based development, Software as a Service and Virtualization. All these platforms are the platforms of the future. After five years I doubt the Chromebook will become obsolete. The Chromebook as we know it will likely evolve to something greater. You’ll actually see more and more technology becoming hardware transparent and moving towards a browser interface. A lot of people don’t see this happening, but it is definitely happening.

If you’re considering buying a Chromebook, I recommend checking out my video comparing Chromebooks, Tablets and Laptops to make sure the Chromebook will be a good fit for you. Remember, the Chromebook isn’t for everyone… even though Chromebooks are the future.

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