IT Life - 69 - Talk To Me - 03/15/2016

IT Life is a vlog of my life has it happens every day.

IT Life - 68 - Heroes And Villains Conference - 03/14/2016

IT Life is a vlog of my life has it happens every day.

IT Life - 67 - Pros And Cons Of Wordpress Development - 02/23/2016

Wordpress. I've been a huge fan of word press for about 8 to 10 years. It's honestly one of the most powerful platforms for web development in the entire world. I believe the last statistic I read was an upwards of 70% of all websites are powered by WordPress in some way, shape or form. That's totally awesome considering how big the Internet is.

IT Life - 66 - Deadpool & Kung Fu Panda. Refining Your Thoughts. - 02/22/2016

No spoilers. I had the opportunity to go see Deadpool and Kung Fu Panda this weekend. Both were very good and I have to admit I was surprised by Kung Fu Panda. I've come to expect good surprises from Marvel when it came to a Deadpool. Deadpool was the first rated R movie that Marvel made and I have to admit it wouldn't of been the same if they hadn't done it. The character just fits the rated R rating. There's no other way around it. But it definitely isn't for teenagers or kids.

IT Life - 65 - Office Broadcasting. Split Testing Websites - 02/19/2016

Split testing. One of the more infamous methods of testing whether or not your website changes are actually making any kind of difference. Split testing is essentially creating two varations of a webpage and splitting up how they are served to users. You can determine the effectiveness of your change by comparing the visitor's behavior of one page's variation with the other.

IT Life - 64 - Cyber Terrorist LOCKY Virus Wipes Our Data - 02/18/2016

The LOCKY Virus. Couple weeks ago we got a variant of the LOCKY virus and I was able to successfully recover the data at that time. At the time it was not called the LOCKY virus. At that time it really didn't have a name. But this time around it essentially was the exact same script that was executed from a Microsoft Word document.

IT Life - 63 - Missed Days. Prayerapy, Prayer Therapy - 02-15-16

Oops! It's very easy to lose track of time. Especially when you usually do something every single day. It is hard to believe that it has been almost a week since my last video. Of course this was not intentional, I simply got really busy and my truck has been needing repairs. I'm proud to say I was able to successfully make some of those repairs.

IT Life - 62 - Ignore Unrealistic Expectations, PayPal Hates Credit Cards - 02/05/16

Unrealistic expectations! We all have them. What I don't understand is why we continue to have them. If there's one thing that I typically always disappoint myself with, it is anticipating how I think a situation should go. A very similar thing typically happens to me when I go out to do a job that I don't like to do. I make the mistake of giving myself a pep talk.

IT Life - 61 - Succeeding No Matter Where You Work - 02/04/2016

Succeeding at your job! It's really easy to just do bare minimum. But the truth is many people often wonder how they can stand out to their bosses or employers. Well is a guy who has been in the workforce for over 16 years and was raised by an entrepreneur I'm going let you in on a little secret. The truth is is employers love that you're qualified to do whatever job you were hired for. That's obvious. What's less obvious is the frustrations that employers have to deal with on a daily basis to keep people motivated and driven. Most of the people who are in the workforce as managers and bosses already have loads of responsibilities on their plate. The last thing they want to deal with is micromanaging someone who was hired for a specific job. There is nothing more frustrating to these people than someone who does absolute bare minimum, shows no incentive, and thinks tasks they were not hired for are beneath them. So how do you stand out? Don't do those things. Be the guy who is willing to volunteer for a job he was not hired for. Be the person who can put his pride aside and do whatever it takes to fill whatever immediate need the customer has. Or maybe it's not even for a customer. Maybe it's just something small that doesn't seem to be getting done but everyone knows it needs to be done. Simply paying attention and putting in a little extra effort goes a long way over a long period of time. Bosses and employers love this.