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Lesson 5: How To Register And Setup Avast Free Antivirus On Windows 8

This video covers how to install one of the most popular free antivirus software packages available known as Avast! Home Edition.
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Lesson 3: How To Uninstall Slow Windows 8 Antivirus Software

This video covers how to uninstall poor performing Antivirus software that often comes packaged with Windows 8 operating systems.
Craig discusses Spybot Immunizations

Spybot Immunizations

Spybot Immunizations Question: I always install and run the immunization feature in Spybot Search and Destroy any system I work on, what are your thoughts? Answer: Funny you bring us up. I got in the habit of doing Spybot immunizations…
Craig discusses the Best Antivirus Software

Best Antivirus Software

Best Antivirus Software Question: What do you say is some of the best antivirus software out there Craig Chamberlin? Answer: There's quite a few of them obviously. The best antivirus software, and I say this time and time again, is you.…
Backup Critical Files To Google Cloud In 5 Easy Steps
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Lesson 2: How To Backup Important Windows 8 Files

This video covers how to backup important Windows 8 files to either a local flash drive or cloud based service such as Google Drive.
Create A Windows 8 System Restore Point in 7 Easy Steps
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Lesson 1: Create A Windows 8 Restore Point in 7 Easy Steps

This video covers how to perform a full system restore point creation on the Windows 8 operating system.
How To Create And Recover A System Restore Point - Tip 1
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How To Create And Restore A Windows 8 Restore Point [HD] - Tip 1

Windows restore points have been around for quite some time. Microsoft has done an excellent job of creating an efficient utility for the creation, management and automation of system restore points. This software is included with nearly…