How To Increase Windows 8 Internet Browsing Speed
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Increase Windows 8 Internet Browsing Speed [HD] - Tip 2

When it comes to increasing internet or internet browsing speeds, inaccurate information floats everywhere on the internet. The truth is, there is very little we can do to increase our internet speed outside of improving our overall…

iCast: Should You Disable Windows 7 UAC Security?

This video addresses the pros and cons of  disabling the built in Windows 7 User Account Control (UAC) security feature.

How To Save And Manage Passwords Free with LastPass

Got Passwords? In today's world if you don't have passwords then you are probably living in a cave or not living at all. Everyone has passwords. You might have a password for just logging in to your computer. Are you on Facebook? Just about…

How To Reset A Wired Or Wireless Internet Adapter In Windows

This video will show how to reset a wired or wireless internet network adapter in the Windows operating system through the command prompt or device manager

How To Test A Windows Network Connection To A Router

This video will show how to troubleshoot and test if windows is properly connected to a network router. The first troubleshooting internet issue test.

How To Turn A Wireless Windows 7 Laptop Into A WiFi Hot Spot

This video will show how to Turn A Wireless Windows 7 Laptop Into A WiFi Hot Spot, note that this trick can also be used for a wireless desktop as well.

How To Increase Internet Browsing Speed and Security Free

This video will show how to increase internet web browsing speed and security free using an alternative internet web browser.

How To Quickly Test Your Internet (ISP) Download And Upload Speed

Many individuals are paying top dollar for advertised network speeds from their Internet Service Providers (ISPs).  What most don't realize is that they can actually test what their true download and upload speeds are.  Using this test they…

Internet Explorer Dying while Google Chrome Browser Rapidly Growing

I pull up an article this morning from one of my favorite blogs, ReadWriteWeb and am greeted with what I consider to be fantastic news.  Apparently, Microsoft Internet Explorer has dropped below 50% for worldwide browser usage for the first…