How To Add Post User Ratings To Your Wordpress Blog | Learn Wordpress Part 8

Ratings are an excellent way of getting feedback from your users.  Implementing post ratings in your Wordpress blogs is extremely easy.  This video will go over how to integrate the built in ratings on the free hosting.  Later…

How To Add Music And Audio To Wordpress Blog Posts | Learn Wordpress Part 8

Adding Music and Audio to Wordpress Blog Posts is extremely easy to do.  Unfortunately, for those who are using the Free Wordpress Hosting, uploading and embedding the audio directly is not an option.  The only real option is…

How To Add, Embed and Resize Videos in Wordpress Blog Posts | Learn Wordpress Part 7

The free hosting from limits users when it comes to embedding videos onto their platform.  Users are not allowed to upload and host their own embedded videos unless they decide to upgrade their service.  The great thing about…

How To Add, Format and SEO Images in Wordpress | Learn Wordpress Part 6

Working with images in Wordpress has become extremely easy.  Originally, much of the editing and modifications of images needed to be done prior to uploading them to the Wordpress software. Now, the Wordpress developers provide users will…

How To Increase The Wordpress Blog Post Editing Area | Learn Wordpress Part 5

The default editing area for Wordpress is set to a dramatically low 10 lines of text.  Why the creators of Wordpress decided this is an adequate amount of space to work in is beyond me.  Fortunately, as with most other Wordpress features,…

How To Choose A Wordpress Blog Title And Format Text | Learn Wordpress Part 4

Wordpress tools for creating search engine friendly blog posts are extremely powerful.  All you really need to do is stick to using the built in editors and ensure that all of them are filled in with accurage information. This video will…

How to Preview and Activate Wordpress Themes | Learn Wordpress Part 3

Wordpress themes are one of the biggest draws to their blogging service.  Thousands of developers have designed custom CSS themes that can be implemented on the fly to any working Wordpress site.  In this video I show you how to activate your…

Register For Free Wordpress Blog Hosting At | Learn Wordpress Part 2 is the first source for working with the Wordpress blogging software. Users are able to experiment with the Wordpress software at their own ease, free of charge, without any overhead associated with setting up your own web hosting. Signing…

What is a Blog and What is Wordpress? | Learn Wordpress Part 1

Today's video goes over the essential information you need to know when considering writing your own blog. Wordpress has been around for years and they have all but perfected the blogging technology. The purpose of a blog is to convey any…