20 Amazing Windows 7 Performance Boosting Tips In Under 10 Minutes!

This comprehensive video course will walk you through 20 Amazing Windows 7 Performance Boosting Tips In Under 10 Minutes!

How To Upgrade A Hard Drive To A Solid State Drive | Faster 7 Part 33

Solid state drives, or SSDs, possess the unique attribute of no moving mechanical parts.  The great advantage of this setup is the massive increase in read and write times compared to traditional hard drives.  The great disadvantage of this…

Use Glary Utilities Free To Defragment Your Windows 7 Registry | Faster 7 Part 32

The registry hive may sound intimidating to many people, but the Windows 7 registry has become much safer for third party companies to optimize and defragment. Defragmentation is simply the method of taking "pieces" of files scattered at…

Use Auslogics Free To Defragment And Optimize Fragmented Files | Faster 7 Part 31

Fragmented system files are the primary culprit with computer hard drive disk slowdown.  For those who are unaware, fragmentation occurs when programs are placed at different locations, or "sectors", of the hard drive during writing.  Hard…

Clean The Windows System Registry Free With CCleaner | Faster 7 Part 30

For most users, the Windows registry is an intimidating aspect of the Windows operating system.  On the other hand, registry cleaners such as CCleaner have come a long way in the past ten years, and cleaning the Windows registry hive, which…

Remove Junk Internet And Program Files Free With CCleaner | Faster 7 Part 29

CCleaner is one of the most popular and powerful freeware junk cleaners available.  This video will walk you through using CCleaner on your Windows 7 operating system to remove a most of the junk files from your computer. One of the great…

Remove Unused Programs And Software From Windows | Faster 7 Part 28

Many of us go a long time without ever looking to see what programs we have installed.  As a result, many software packages we installed to experiment with or just to take a look at hangs around in both our system registry and file system. As…

Set The Automatic Windows Defender Service To Manual | Faster 7 Part 27

Windows Defender is Microsoft's attempt at making the Windows operating system secure.  While Microsoft does a pretty good job at this in Security Essentials, Windows Defender is moderate protection at best. For those of you who have their…

Disable The Logo GUI Boot In Windows 7 Startup | Faster 7 Part 26

When the Windows 7 operating system is booting up, it displays to the user an animated graphical Windows logo.  Loading and displaying this logo adds a few seconds to the Windows 7 startup time, so disabling it will shave off these seconds.…