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Man of Steel Trailer Review – Looks Like Crap, Here’s Why…

Listen up, folks.  We need to have a talk.  We need to have a very serious talk.  We need to have a very serious talk about Warner Bros. upcoming Superman movie titled, Man of Steel.  Many have already seen the trailer for Man of Steel, heck, we’ve probably seen it multiple times by now.  While […]

Wreck It Ralph Review (2012)

I am a video gamer.  And judging by many of the articles I have written, that really should not be a huge surprise.  I have been playing games my whole life.  I have played on nearly every system, from the Atari, all the way to the Xbox 360.  I have played every type of game […]

Bioware Is Dead, Is EA Games To Blame?

Recently, the video gaming industry was rocked with the announcement that Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuck, co-founders of the revered RPG developer, Bioware, are retiring from the gaming industry.  With their departure, they leave behind a legacy of more than 15 years of some truly inspiring work.  It is the end of an […]

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan Review

Mass Effect 3 was without a doubt the most controversial game released this year.  Even I, a once proud Bio-drone was not thrilled with the final act of the sci-fi trilogy.  While I can say that it was a technical marvel, I cannot say that a game that ultimately punishes players for trying to succeed […]

Dark Knight Rises Review

Another review, another superhero movie.  Is it just me or is walking into the movie theater becoming way too similar to walking into a comic shop?  Never mind.  Let’s just get to the review.  Batman is one of the most renowned and admired super heroes in all of comicdom.  He has always had a strong […]

The Amazing Spiderman Review

Superhero movies are all the rage in Hollywood right now.  The next most popular thing would probably be reboots.  Well, the Amazing Spiderman happens to be both.  Now, I am getting tired of both reboots and superhero movies, but Amazing Spiderman happens to be rebooting a superhero movie that was originally released far too recently […]