Is blogging dead?Blogging has been around for a long time. Most things when it comes to the computers, the internet and technology change rapidly.  Sometimes ideas and trends get left behind due to newer and more exciting things happening.

When I began my very first blog it was back when most of us were using AOL for everything.  You know you used AOL at one point in your life don’t even try and act like you didn’t! I can still hear that electronic fizz sound as I went to sign in and then the deep voice saying, “Welcome” or “You’ve Got Mail”.  Anyways, that was also way before social media had taken over the world.

What Do You Mean By Traditional Blogging?

Traditional blogging or regular blogging is probably exactly what you’re thinking.  It is blogging by writing.  Most people use sites like WordPress, Blogger, Live Journal, and Tumblur.  In my opinion Traditional Blogs are generally more personal. They might not be focused on one specific topic but rather be based on random things that the blog author wanted to write about.  Traditional Blogs kind of got their start as being a place for anyone to keep a kind of dairy on their life.  At least that is where it began for me.

So Are These Types Of Blogs Dead?

No, they are not.  Now days there are just so many different avenues to take with blogging as a whole.  I think the important thing for any blogger is for them to realize early on what their goal is.  Is it to generate as many readers as possible and gain a community of followers?  Is it spread your knowledge of a certain topic that you are skilled in?  No matter what the reason behind you creating and writing a blog is; it’s important to know that before starting out.

I do think that it is much harder if you are the type of person that is trying to gain popularity and you are only going about it by traditional blogging.  As I stated in the second paragraph of this article; technology moves very, very fast.

What Happened To The “B”?

If Traditional Blogging is dead then the letter “V” is who killed it.  When the letter “B” in the word Blog became a “V” and turned into the word “Vlog” the world of blogging was instantly changed forever.  YouTube and other sites that gave the world a platform to produce custom made videos and upload them for anyone to view created an entirely new medium for not only bloggers, but for the type of people that enjoyed reading blogs as well.

I asked a friend of mine in the Google+ PCM Tech Help Show community the question of if Traditional Blogs where dead or not.  Here is what my friend had to say:

I think that Blogging is still alive and well; only I believe that more people who have more time, or even people who appreciate the effort, if not for businesses, are the ones paying attention to blogs these days. Vlogs are more convenient, less time consuming, and more for  the advertisment or, sort of, sale of a brand, personality, or information even. Blogs are alive, but Vlogs are what is being actively pursued in most situations. This comment may even sound different spoken, rather than written; and I think that’s why Vlog’s are more pursued as a preference of getting something to attention.

 - R. Elmawardy , via: Google+  PCM Tech Help Show Community.

I completely agree with Mr. Elmawardy. He touched on some pretty common answers.

People don’t have the time that they once did. The world moves so quickly and our daily routine does not often leave much time for sitting and reading.  Vlogging allows for multi-tasking.  I can easily pull up a Vlog, hit play, and then go on to something else.  I don’t necessarily have to watch the video; hearing it works just fine for me most times.

I also believe that when it comes to using your brand and influence to generate revenue; being seen and heard is much more effective than only being read.

Final Thought:

Blogging is not dead, nor is it dying.  It is however changing and there are many more ways to go about it.  With social media being what it is today and only growing and expanding in the future; I believe it will become even harder to only use one form of medium for your content if you are trying to gain popularity and grow your blog.

With that being said, if you’re just someone who enjoys writing and doesn’t care how many followers you have or how much money you could make from your blog; then I will tell you that you are completely safe. Traditional blogging is not going anywhere any time soon.

I plan on discussing other topics related to technology in the future. My plan is to use The PCM Tech Help Show Google+ Community a day or two in advance to help pin down a good discussion for a blog article. If you would like to participate then come and join the community on Google+.  You can also find me on there and follow me as well.

Hope to see you there!

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