Power CordsPower cords are those cords which are used mostly in residential and industrial sectors and play’s most important role in our daily lives. From daily-use devices such as refrigerators and LCD’s to Industrial and medical equipment, almost all electrical devices need cord to connect for power supply from socket.

Some Important Factors:

There are some important factors that should be considered while choosing the cords. Here is the detail:

1. Indoor or Outdoor

First of all we should see that whether we have a need indoor or outdoor of it. Usually cords are labeled according to their use. We can get this information from electrician or shop keeper from where we purchase it. A cord which is used for television will definitely be different from that one which will be used with RV trailer. So where to use it, is very important to see.

2. Size of The Appliance

Electric appliance itself is very important factor to choose a cord. A smaller device would require a small gauge cord where as a larger appliance needs a large diameter cord. If we will not choose proper and appropriate cord according to our devices, the danger of electric hazards cannot be ignored such as short circuits.

3. Cord Length

Appropriate length of cord should also be taken into consideration while connecting it. A very long one is can be experienced power drops at different levels. Right amount of power will only then be supplied when appropriate length of cord will be chosen.

At other end, cost can also be reduced while avoiding a lengthy one. Unnecessary long ones are actually inefficient and should be avoided.

4. Current Capacity of the Cord

It is also very important point to consider that the capacity of the cord should be equal or greater than the requirement of that device where that will be attached.

5. Avoiding Extensions

Use of extensions should be avoided as much as can. Circuit overload is experienced while using those.

6. Possibility Of Defects

It is most important that we should check our power cords time to time for defects such as cracks. If it is shown anywhere, those cords should be replaced immediately to avoid some kind of mishap.

7. Choosing Quality Over Price

A good quality cord should be taken into consideration and avoid low quality one. As once we will take an expensive one, it will give us safety and will take long run to use while a cheap one will be replaced time to time. So energy and amount will be saved a lot while selection of a good quality cords.

8. Choosing a Brand

Branded companies should be given importance than unknown companies. Sometimes unknown do not provide exact information and use cheap material inside of cord to reduce their cost and to compete good companies. So always prefer branded companies and avoid such unknown brands.

9. Consider Safety

These are some important factors to consider while choosing cords. Safety is the most important thing than anything else. Simple is, we should consider all these factors very seriously.


Some people do not give any importance to this selection but it should be considered to avoid any kind of mishaps in our lives. Life is the most precious thing than anything else

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