PCM Tech Talk Live! 7: Make Money Online Windows 8 And More

PCM Tech Talk Live! 7: Make Money Online Windows 8 And More

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Today’s Topics:

00:03:30 – Make Money Online
00:12:20 – Is Microsoft Raising The Price Of Windows 8 To $200?
00:16:30 – What Do You Think Of Intel’s New Socket?
00:20:00 – Is Windows 8 Going To Be A Huge Fail?
00:24:00 – What Is The Best Free Screen Recording Program?
00:26:00 – What Considerations To Take When Considering A Computer Case
00:28:30 – How Do You Broadcast Live On YouTube?
00:32:00 – Thoughts On The New 9 PM Time Slot
00:36:30 – Will Windows 8 Improve Gaming On A Weak Graphics Card?
00:39:40 – What Do You Think Of HP As A Laptop Brand?
00:42:00 – What Is Your Personal Opinion Of Windows 8 On Non Touch Screen Desktops?
00:45:00 – How Many CPU Cores Do You Recommend For Gaming?
00:46:45 – What Professions Don’t Use Computers?
00:48:00 – Why It Is Important To Research Before You Buy
00:50:00 – Why Do People Pay For Operating Systems?
00:52:00 – My Favorite All Time Superhero / Super Villain
00:55:00 – Final Questions Roundup!



Craig Chamberlin
Craig received his degree in Informatics with a cognate in Business from Indiana University: South Bend in 2008. Craig lives with his wife and daughter in South Bend, Indiana near Notre Dame. Craig is currently employed by Precision Electric, Inc. and acts as the chief Information Technology Manager. With a passion for teaching and technology, he founded The PCMichiana Tech Help Show in Fall 2009. His focus is teaching users of all backgrounds how to learn technology while having fun.
Craig Chamberlin


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Craig Chamberlin
Craig Chamberlin
Craig Chamberlin

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