It’s easy to lose track of all the programs installed in Windows. When an application is installed on Windows XP, a number of things occur: First, the program files are placed on the hard drive. Second, the files are registered to the system registry. Last, the associations are built between the system files and the registry.

As one can imagine, over a long period of time the registry can accumulate a large number of entries and the hard drive a large number of files. Removing old and unused programs allows for most, if not all, of these registry entries and files to be removed from the system.

If combined with a great free registry cleaner such as Glary Utilities, uninstalling old programs is a great way to ensure a computer is running in top shape. Windows will not be burdened with the overhead of sorting through junk files and registry entries to find what it is looking for.

Another great aspect to this tweak is that it cleans up your start menu and desktop by removing unused shortcuts. It also frees up hard drive space to install more applications and programs. Don’t forget, it’s also extremely easy to do.


Uninstalling unused Windows XP programs removes unused registry entries and files from the hard drive. The benefits are increased file access speeds and registry referencing. Additional benefits include increased hard drive space and removal of unused shortcuts from the start menu and desktop.

About This Episode:

In this video, I cover how to ununstall unused Windows XP programs.

How To Uninstall Unused Windows XP Programs:

1. Select the Windows XP ‘Start Button’.

2. Select the ‘Control Panel’.

3. Select ‘Add or Remove Programs’.

4. Select a ‘Program’ on the list, it’s usage should be displayed on the right.

5. If you know you do not use the ‘Program’, select the ‘Remove’ button and follow the prompts.

6. If prompted to ‘Restart’, do so.

7. If you are unsure if you do not use the program, go to ‘Google’ and type ‘Should I Uninstall [program name]‘.

8. If you find the ‘Program’ to be useless, select the ‘Remove’ button and follow the prompts.

9. If prompted to ‘Restart’, do so.


If you cannot find any information on the program you are trying to install through Google, you may just want to leave it alone. It is usually better to be safe than sorry. Uninstalling unused Windows XP programs should be done on a monthly basis to ensure proper maintenance and ideal operating system health.

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