how-to-turn-a-computer-into-a-web-server-to-build-websitesMany people want to build websites, but think it’s only able to be done by the “professionals”. Well I will let you in on a little secret, it’s not really that complicated nor does it cost any money to build your own webpages. In fact, not only does it cost no money, but it is completely free and anyone can do it if they use the proper tools and do the appropriate research.

There are two primary tools I will be using when going over these next few videos on building a webpage. In this video, we need to convert your computer into a website server so webpages can be built on it. This may sound confusing to many of you, but all it really means is we need to install software on your computer so you can view the webpage you are working on.

The next tool will be the WordPress webpage software. This software literally automates the entire webpage creation process so you don’t need to know any of the “expert” coding techniques done by the professionals. You can literally start getting your website rolling in a matter of a couple of hours, not a couple of weeks. That video will be coming in the future.

For now, watch this video to get your computer prepared to build your own websites. We will later actually build one, so make sure you stay tuned to these videos.

Craig Chamberlin

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